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Frequently asked questions


Do I need an appointment?

No appointment required. Please drop by at your convenience during our regular business hours for a quick and free evaluation.

How do you pay?

We pay most transactions in cash. Cheques can written upon request. Larger transaction sizes may also require payment by cheque. Please call us for details.

What are your hours?

Each location has unique hours, please refer to the web-site for the specific hours of the location you intend to visit. Hours may also be subject to change based on statutory holidays.

What happens to my items?

99% of what we purchase is melted down and recycled into new items. The few exceptions are bullion and certain numismatic coins.

Buying & Selling

Do you buy gemstones?

We do not purchase coloured gemstones, but we may buy diamonds of a certain size and quality on a case-by-case basis. Please visit us for more details.

Do you buy silverware?

Yes, we buy sterling cutlery and serving pieces/tea services/platters, but only if they are solid silver. We do not buy silver plated items.

Find a Convenient Location Near You

We have three safe and accessible locations in Winnipeg, plus one in Brandon for your convenience.

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